Nurcacit ASE / Scorch Retarders

Nurcacit ASE / Scorch Retarders

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CHEMICAL NAME: N-phenyl-N-(trichloromethylsulphenyl)-benzene SulphonamideTechnical Data Sheet download

CAS NO.: 2280-49-1

EC No.:218-915-0

Equivalent to: Vulkalent E/C

STRUCTURE cas2280-49-1

Nurcacit ASE is an excellent anti-scorching agent for natural rubber and synthetic rubber, especially for EPDM,NBR and HNBR.

характеристики продукта
внешний вид:White or light yellow powder
Active content(%) min.90.0
теплопотери (80℃ 2hr)(%) max.0.30
Ash (850℃ 2hr)(%) max.6.0
Sieve Residue (63um)(%) max.0.50
содержание масла(%)1-2
PACKAGING:25kg paper bag with PE-inlay
Or other kind of package clients need