Nurcacit ZDA
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CHEMICAL NAME: Zinc Acrylate

CAS NO.: 14643-87-9

Nurcacit ZDA is an accelerating agent for NR, NBR, EPDM compounds etc. ZDA is used as reinforcing agent, cross-linking agent for rubber. It dramatically improves tensile strength, hardness, stretching strength and tearing strength of rubber compounds. It can be used in the products of Vee belt, Covered roller, Conveyer belt, Tires, etc.

форма продукта:Pdr
характеристики продуктаWhite Powder



внешний вид:
Ash(%) max.
Fineness or Particle size(μm) max.
Bag:20kg(net) paper bag with PE-Inlay
Pallet weight: 500Kg


Shelf Life: 6 months