Nurcagran MMBI-70

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Nurcagran MMBI-70 

Predispersed Rubber

Chemicals and Additives


Code: MMBI-70GE F200
характеристики продукта
внешний вид:grey-white granule
MMBI powder content:(%)68.0-72.0
sulfur content:(%)12.7-14.3
Density at 20℃:(g/cm3)1.12-1.22
Moony, ML (1+4) 50℃:50.0-80.0
Ash (950℃, 2h) :(%) max.3.0
Binder Content (EPDM/EVM) :(%)30
PACKAGING:PE bag lined, 25kg (net) per carton.

600kg per pallet. Do not pile more than 2 pallets height.

Shelf Life:In original closed containers under cool and dry conditions, avoid direct sunlight.  max. 1 year from production date.