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CHEMICAL NAME: 3,5-Bis(1,1-dimethylethyl)-4-hydroxybenzenepropanoic acid thiodi-2,1-ethanediyl ester
CAS NO.: 41484-35-9

Nurcastab 1035 is a sulfur containing primary antioxidant and heat stabilizer that is widely used for the process stabilization of polyethylene wire and cable resin applications. Nurcastab 1035 eliminates the concern over micro-contaminants that can affect the insulation properties of the wire, and it also prevents premature gel formation of chemically cross-linked polyethylene during extruder compounding.

 внешний вид:White powder
Melting point (℃):63.0~68.0
Ash (%):0.03 max.
Volatilizing (%):0.1 max.
Clarity of solution:Clear solution
Transmittance (%)425 nm:95 min.
500 nm:97 min.
Assay (%)99min.


20kg (net) paper bag with PE-Inlay



Shelf life:12 months