The action of plasticizer dinch


The action of plasticizer dinch

The main mode of plasticizer dinch action is divided into two types, one is the plasticizer, the other is outside the plasticizer. BASF DINCH is a colorless and transparent, almost completely removed moisture, odorless liquid. It is compatible with all low molecular plasticizers commonly used in PVC.

 Internal plasticizer

The inner plasticizer is a substance added during the polymerization of the polymer to achieve a plasticizing effect which is in fact a part of the polymer which is present in the polymer and undergoes a certain chemical fusion , And then through a regular combination, thereby reducing the polymer molecular chain crystallinity.

 External plasticizer

Outside the plasticizer and plasticizer there is a certain difference, the outer plasticizer itself is a polymer or a compound, and then added to the polymer, to achieve plasticizing effect. The outer plasticizer generally does not react chemically with the polymer. It is mainly a high temperature solution with the polymer to form a solid solution, this fusion solution can play a plasticizing effect.

BASF plasticizer DINCH in practical applications, according to the production process and product requirements to choose. BASF plasticizer DINCH in the practical application of a very wide range, but also a non-toxic pollution-free plasticizer. Environmental requirements to meet EU export targets


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