Coumarone Indene Resin

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Coumarone Indene Resin is dark brown thermoplastic resin, obtained from polymerizing unsaturated heavy aromatic olefins. The major usages is for rubber applications.

форма продуктаGranule
характеристики продуктаTest method
внешний вид:Dark brown Granule
Colour GardnerCa#16.1-18.0ASTMD 6166
Softening PointRing&Ball,℃90.1-100.0ASTM E28
Acid Value(KOH mg/g) max0.50ASTM D-974
Ash Content(%) max0.05ASTM 2451
Bromine Number(Br cg/g) max30
Bag:25kg(net) paper bag with PE-inlay
Pallet weight:1200Kg


Shelf Life: 12 months in original package

Manufacturer: Henghe Materials & Science Technology Co.,Ltd