Nurcacit DBTU
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CHEMICAL NAME: N,N-Dibutyl thiourea

CAS NO.: 109-46-6

Nurcacit DBTU is a Ultra accelerator for CR and a secondary accelerator for natural rubber, EPDM and SBR. Also used as a corrosion inhibitor in non-rubber applications.

характеристики продукта
внешний вид:White powderWhite powder
начальная точка плавления(℃) min.60.060.0
теплопотери(%) max.0.300.50
Ash(%) max.0.300.30
Residue on 840μm sieve:(%) max.0.000.00
Bag:25kg paper bag with PE-Inlay
Or other kind of package clients need
stored in the dry and cooling place with good ventilation, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight


Shelf Life: 12 months