• Description
CHEMICAL NAME: Zinc Dialkylphosphorodithiloate
CAS NO.:68649-42-3
Rubber Accelerator ZDTP is a fast curing secondary accelerator for NR and EPDM. It is mainly used as an accelerator in non-blooming., relative low cost, fast curing systems for EPDM when used in combination with MBTS or sulfenamides in NR compounds. ZDTP dramatically improves reversion resistance. Because of its non-amine based structure, ZDTP can be used as a component in non-N-nitrosamine generation cure systems.
ZDTP is non-discoloring and non-staining.
ZDTP is regulated for use in articles in contact with food as specified under Bg VV XXI, category 4, ZDTP is not regulated for use in FDA food contact applicants.
форма продуктаLiquidPdr-70% (70% powder on silica)
характеристики продукта
внешний вид:Clear LiquidWhite powder
Odor:No OdorNo Odor
Insoluble in methanol (include the carrier(%)28.5-31.5
PH Value5.5
Specific gravity at 15.6℃1.21-1.31
Desity at 25℃Kg/m31080-11301600
200Kg drum25kg paper bag