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CHEMICAL NAME: N-tert-Butyl-2-benzothiazolesulfenamide
CAS NO.: 95-31-8
Provides fast cure and high modules development in NR SBR BR and blends. Normally used alone or with small quantities of ultra accelerators in tire compounds or industrial rubber products. Can be used to effectively replace MBTS/DPG systems TBBS may give equal modulus to CBS or MBS when used as a 10% lower level.
форма продуктаPdrPdr-oGrs-2mm
характеристики продукта
внешний вид:Light yellow or grayish white powderLight yellow or grayish white powderLight yellow or grayish white powder
начальная точка плавления(℃) min.104.0104.0104.0
теплопотери(%) max.
Ash(%) max.
Insoluble in Methanol(%) max.
содержание масла(%)1.0-2.0
Density at 20℃Kg/m31260-1320
Bag:25kg or other kind of package clients need