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CHEMICAL NAME: N,N’-ditoly-p-phene diamine mixed

CAS NO.: 68953-84-4

Nurvinox DTPD, which can be classified in p-phenylene antioxidant groups, is excellent antioxidant to chloroprene rubber. It is the effective antioxidant used in the tire industry and also widely used for rubber products.

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внешний вид:Brownish Grey Grain
Dry Sample Melting Point Range(℃)90-100
Volatile matter (65 ℃)(%) max.0.5
Ash Content (800℃)(%) max.0.3
N,N’-Diphenyl-para-Phenylenediamine(%)21+/- 4
N,N’-Di-O-Tolyl-para-Phenylenediamine(%)25+/- 4
N-Phenyl-N’-O-Tolyl-papa-Phenylenediamine(%)49+/- 4
Diphenylamine(%) max.5
Bag:25kg paper bag with PE inlay