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CHEMICAL NAME: 4,4-Bis(alpha,alpha-dimethylbenzyl)diphenylamine

CAS NO.: 10081-67-1

Nurvinox KY-405 is one of the few kinds of antioxidant, which is non-toxic, tasteless, light colored. The anti- oxygen effect is similar (America) in Uniroyal. Naugard 445 and the imperial palace (Japan) Nocrac CD. It is widely used in various kinds of elastomers. It can be used in polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other color master batch. It can also be used as antioxidant in polyurethane foam, rubber wire, cable, food package and adhesive, especially in neoprene colorful cable’s jacket for its excellent resistance to heat, light, and aging. In polyether this product can be used as light-resistant and anti-aging antioxidant, also as antioxidant for lubricating oil.

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внешний вид:White crystals
Color (Pt-Co,5% Toluene solution)max.60
Purity %min.98
Melting point ℃min.95.0
Ash content %max.0.20
Volatility %max.0.30

paper bag with PE in-lay