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CHEMICAL NAME: Octylated Dipenylamine

CAS No.: 101-67-7

Nurvinox ODPA has a good anti-thermal oxidize circumnutating & anti-fissure properties. It can be used as a antioxidant for NR, SBR,CR, NBR etc. It also cab be used as an antioxidant of polyolefin and lubricating oil. Nurvinox ODPA is the best antioxidant for CR compounds. It will perform the best heat resistant property as companied with antioxidant Nurvinox TPPD. Utilization of Nurvinox ODPA is capable of decreasing the plasticity if CR master-batch &shrinkage rates of compounds, those properties should be helpful to adjust size of un-vulcanized semi-finished articles &improve storage stability of CR compounds. Nurvinox ODPA is mainly used in manufacture for cable industry, rubber overshoes, rubber hatchway, thermal-resistant ring, sponge products tyre and so on. Normal dosage in rubber is about 2 phr.

характеристики продуктаGrade  AGrade  BODPA-40
внешний вид:Brown waxy or granuleLight white to brown powderTan powder or Granule
Melting Point(℃) min.75.085.0
Loss on drying(%) max.0.80.332.5—34.7
Residue on Ignition(%) max.0.50.37
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