The price of titanium dioxide increases again

titanium dioxide

The price of titanium dioxide increases again

The announcement last night between nuclear titanium dioxide, rutile titanium dioxide current prices relative to the price of the end of 2015, has raised a total sales price of about 2,500 yuan / ton, or about 25 percent, the company decided on June 15 that is today onwards, all sales once again raised the price of 500 yuan / ton.

June 13, titanium dioxide enterprises Billions [5.30% funds research report] (002,601) also announced the price adjustment plan. From June 13, 2016 raised the leading products of rutile titanium dioxide sales price again, in which sulfuric acid rutile titanium dioxide domestic line up 500 yuan / ton, foreign trade increased 100 US dollars / ton; chlorination rutile titanium dioxide within trade across the board raised 1,000 yuan / ton, foreign trade, up 1.5 US dollars / ton. According to the business community June 13 news, Sichuan Lomon Titanium rutile titanium dioxide price from the date of adjustment 500 yuan / ton -800 yuan / ton.

This is the sixth year the titanium dioxide industry focused on price. A-share listed companies, including Gimpo Titanium (000545), nuclear titanium dioxide, ANE DDA [4.54% funds research report] (002,136), etc. Billions are titanium dioxide production and sales of the main industry.titanium dioxide

The secondary market performance, June 14, in addition to restructuring due to the termination of the resumption of nuclear fall outside titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide, the same day share price performance of listed companies as a whole are stronger than the broader market.

Billions said the price adjustment is decided in view of the company raw material prices push higher costs, while the company production capacity can not meet market demand, the company based on the current market situation and titanium dioxide company orders, inventory and other aspects of the case to make.

Currently, Gimpo Titanium ANE DDA and has not yet announced the price adjustment plan. There are senior people in the industry to the Securities Times reporter said that in the price of titanium dioxide warming trend, other manufacturers will follow the price increase is a high probability event, which will also boost the performance of related companies in the first half rebound.

The source pointed out that since 2013, domestic titanium dioxide prices continued to fall, by the end of last year, the domestic price of rutile titanium dioxide is down to 10,000 yuan / ton “critical locations” below the current price increase is mainly titanium dioxide market continued weakness of the recovery after the rebound.

According to the National Chemical Industry Productivity Promotion Center in 2015, the country 42 to maintain normal production of above-scale enterprises in the whole process of titanium dioxide, 3 yield with the previous year, accounting for 7.1%. Production decline of 19, accounting for 45.2%. Domestic titanium dioxide industry suffered the industry the first time since 1998 to 2015 after 17 years of total output declined.

Benefit from the reduction of the supply side, in addition to stabilizing the domestic titanium dioxide market demand, to the good export business and other factors, continued price increases in the first half titanium dioxide industry. Social business alert issued titanium dioxide prices displayed, June 14 domestic titanium dioxide price of 12,900 yuan / ton, the highest price reached this year.titanium dioxide

The industry believes that the short term, the real single market still see a single, look at the amount of payment in the form of a single look at the main meeting, but at least you can explain the price increase, the market has accepted the first five manufacturers of price adjustment. “Titanium dioxide products needs to return to a normal to a reasonable range, previous rounds of price increases, our attitude is very firm.” He believes that the price rise is clear to the industry boom of the first half of each large-scale titanium dioxide corporate results pick up with no fear, but continued to improve throughout the year prices could still cautious observation, in particular, need to focus on the case of the off-season in the fourth quarter of this year.

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