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ECO-Friendly Reinforcing Agent JHR-100



JHR-100 is a kind of ultra-fine silica, produced by modifying the surface with different chemical agents, especial silanes.


  • good fluidity
  • good suspension properties
  • good lipophilicity properties
  • Better dispersion properties
  • Microstructure remains properly


  • Improve wet traction and ice traction
  • Reduce heat generation
  • Improve the extrusion properties
  • Reduce rolling resistance


внешний видWhite free flowing powder
PH value6-8
Ignition loss7% max.
Volatile matter(105℃)1% max.



Different kind of tires such as hand-cart tires, all-steel and semi-steel redial tires, diagonal tires, redial tires, motocycle tires, etc.

In order to get the good mechanical and physical properties, we recommend to add JHR-100 into the compound before adding carbon black, do not add JHR-100 together with the processing oil.


Package and storage:

25kg paper bag with PE-inlay.

Stored under dry, clean conditions, protected against exposure to direct sunlight and other substances, Used within twelve months from the date of manufacture.