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JHP-200 is an excellent external lubricant for extrusion and moulding, with a high external lubrication and demolding effect for rubber component. JHP-200 will improve the extruding speed, without any effect for the VEKA thermal temperature and impact strength, and as a result to make the surface maintain the excellent thermal resistance. Due to the property of  low melting point, low viscosity, good compatibility and chemical inertness, JHP-200 has an excellent lubricant property to provide a easy demolding property for the rubber component, without any effect for the rubber curing speed and physical properties.


Avoid the roll-sticking during the process of mixing and milling.

No blooming nor exuding during the manufacturing process.

Improve the dispersion property of the fillers, especially Carbon Black.

Improve the fluidity and demolding property

Improve the smoothness of the surface




внешний видWhite bead
Melting Point(℃)100-104
Viscosity CPS140℃170-190
  • conforms to ROHS regulations(testing by SGS)



Different kinds of rubber: NR,NBR,SBR,CR,BR,EPDM

Different kinds of rubber components: seals, hose, etc.


Package and storage:

25kg plastic woven bag.

Stored under dry clean conditions, protected against exposure to direct sunlight and other substances, Used within twelve months from the date of manufacture.