Nurcacit ETU(Na-22)

Nurcacit ETU(Na-22)

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CHEMICAL NAME: Ethylene Thiourea

CAS NO.: 96-45-7

 ETU is a special curing accelerator for chloroprene rubber of CH and W, epichlorohydrin rubber and polyacrylate rubber, suitable for wire, cable, rubber belt and tube, rubber shoes, rubber coat and so on, also suitable for intermediate products of fine chemicals, antioxidant, insecticide, dyestuff, drug and synthetic resin, etc..

характеристики продукта
внешний вид:White or grey-white crystal powder
начальная точка плавления(℃) min.195.0
теплопотери(%) max.0.30
Ash(%) max.0.30
Residue on 150μm sieve:(%) max.0.10
Density at 20℃Kg/m31420—1430
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